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Survey, Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention

Strategic Benefits

ISA is an International firm of Marine Cargo & Liability Surveyors and Sale Brokers.  It was established in 1973.

ISA head office is in London.  We have offices in various locations in the UK as well as in California, New York, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Singapore, Johannesburg and Durban. We have a network of surveyors around the world and our experience means we know the right person for the job, often in very difficult parts of the world. World-wide we conduct well over 3,000 marine surveys per annum.

ISA operates a quality management system developed in house, modelled upon ISO 9001.We have our own in house developed electronic filing and registration systems that allow us to handle major losses anywhere in the world to the same high standards.

ISA is also a founder member of the British Association of Cargo  Surveyors  and  its  surveyors  are  all  qualified  members  of  that Association. It is also a founder member of the TMN Network of Agents.

ISA has a sister company, Seawise Maritime Service (“SMS”).   Whilst SMS primarily specialises in ship surveys, both companies employ marine and industry qualified surveyors, providing a blend of nautical and commodity experts. ISA is particularly specialised in nautical disciplines, electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, heavy lift and project cargoes, steel, forest products, refrigerated cargo and commodities. We are thus able to call upon an enormous and hugely experienced talent pool.

ISA’s multi- / cross-disciplined personnel ensure that all aspects of the transportation of Project Cargoes are professionally managed – from risk assessment to loss prevention to transit surveys.  CVs of ISA’s key staff can be found on the Key Staff page of this website.

ISA will issue a preliminary report for each transfer, or partial movement, by e- mail with embedded photographs, within 24 hours of survey. Hard copies can also be provided if required.

ISA will provide a final report for each transfer, or partial movement, or a final consolidated report for the entire project within a timetable agreed with you.

ISA will, in any event, keep you fully updated of all major developments in real time to ensure that agreed or critical issues are immediately brought to your attention and in order that appropriate decisions / instructions can be given.

ISA maintains an open book policy for all its Clients. It is your case and your file.  ISA’s dedicated Administration Team would develop spreadsheet lines of control.   These are monitored daily and results reported to relevant Line Managers and Client upon request.

Most projects are international in nature. This involves surveys in different countries and often in remote locations. Therefore ISA carefully manages the entire process to ensure consistency in approach and in quality of work undertaken.

Cost is dependent on the number of factors.  ISA’s fee submission would therefore take into account, inter alia, the following: 

  • Number of items / movements
  • Number of surveys required for each item
  • Estimated duration for survey(s)
  • Location(s) of survey(s)
  • Overseeing transhipment activity
  • Any additional surveys outside the original timeframe
  • Emergency, time critical surveys
  • Client specific additional tasks and/or reporting requirements

ISA fully understands that you require ‘our best price’.  However, the estimation is a detailed process.  ISA will work with you to formulate an acceptable pricing strategy that takes into account all the factors on an individual project.

With its strategically located overseas offices, ISA is able to arrange for prompt attendance of its own surveyors worldwide, should that be appropriate. Additionally, ISA also has access to its specialised network of Correspondents. This  ensures  that  surveys  can  be  conducted  locally,  at  ports  or  at  inland locations.   These local surveyors report to the appropriate ISA controlling regional office.    This, in turn, ensures that technical quality and service / reporting to you are maintained to ISA’s exacting standards.

The  location  of  ISA  regional  offices  means  that  you  benefit  from  local knowledge of countries, personnel, relevant authorities, culture and language.

Consistent global standards are maintained – vital for you or your international clients.